#53 Braided Garlic Herb Bread

You probably just looked at the title of this post and said, “What….she doesnt do ‘real’ food”.

Well surprise surprise my dears. This Thanksgiving I decided I’d dip my cold feet into the waters of “real cooking”. Baking is a form of cooking, but its dessert, and sadly you can not live off dessert…or can you…

I’ve always been intimidated by bread, specifically because of the yeast. You have to put it in a special temperature water, you have to wait for it to bloom, yada yada. I feel like cooking shows have given off this impression that making bread is so time consuming and difficult, but its not! It’s not at all!

I may start making my own bread every week. Probably not, but its so delicious and so simple that I really should. The recipe I used called for some spices that I didn’t have, and am not a huge fan of. Yeah, I’m talking about Dill. Not a fan of Mr. Dill. I used fresh thyme from the garden instead. When substituting fresh herbs in place of dried, you have to use more fresh herbs to make up for it.

Now seriously, go and make some bread. Your house/apt/hut will smell amazing.