Cinnamon Rolls {You Knead To Make These}

I have been thinking about making cinnamon rolls for months. I would find a recipe, drool over the pictures, and then read how it needs 2+ hours of waiting for the dough to rise at different stages. The thought of getting up at 5AM to make cinnamon rolls on a Saturday seemed silly, right? Maybe if I was trying to impress someone, then I would take the time to get up early and knead dough with one eye open, but that’s not the case right now.

I found this recipe in one of my new cookboks, Home Baked Comfort, and there was a little note off to the side saying that I could pop them into the fridge before I do the last step of rising. WHAT! Why didn’t anyone tell me this before!

After you roll up the cinnamon rolls, cut them up, and put them in your pan, this is where you’ll place them in the fridge for the night. Putting them in the fridge stops the dough from rising temporarily. In the morning, take them out of the fridge about an hour or so before you want to bake them. They need to come back up to room temp and then puff up so that they look like this:

They’re ready for the oven!

The hardest part about making these the day/night before is knowing that after you spend all of your time kneading and rolling, you don’t get to eat them until the next morning. It was torture! I wanted to go to bed at 8pm so that I could just wake up and eat them already.

Oh they smelled sooooo delicious.

I had extra Bailey’s Cream Cheese Frosting left over from my Stout & Bailey’s cupcakes the other day so I used that on top. It really did taste quite delicious, the Bailey’s is so subtle but it adds a nice flavor. I included the Bailey’s in the recipe, but feel free to completely leave it out, it will taste just as good.

You don’t need to be an expert baker to make these, you just need a little time and patience. According to the recipe, you can do all of the kneading in your mixer with a dough hook. I tried that approach and just wasn’t getting the results that I wanted so I took it out at the end and kneaded it for a minute or two by hand on the counter top. Don’t be afraid of kneading dough, seriously! It sounds intimidating but it’s nothing crazy, just get into it, it’s fun!

Must. Make. To. Top!



#59 Buttery Dinner Rolls


I’ve never been so glad that the grocery store was out of stock of everything until now.

Christmas this year kind of sneaked up on us. Normally we have the day before Christmas Eve to prepare for Christmas Day dinner, since we go to my Aunt’s house for Christmas Eve for the day. But this year we went to my brother and sister’s house for a Hanukkah dinner (hello Latkes!) so we were a little behind on stocking the kitchen.

I guess I didn’t realize that I had used up all of the flour for baking the week before, and that we didnt have any bread for dinner, oh and we didnt have any vegetables. I mean seriously we hardly had anything besides a huge piece of meat for dinner and some potatoes.

On Christmas Eve, I double checked that there would be a grocery store near by open on Christmas Day, that way we could just go in the morning rather than wandering around the store like zombies after a long day.

MISTAKE. Don’t ever go to the store on Christmas Day. What a nightmare. So many people trying to get the last of everything. Honestly, it was like the world was about to end and everyone decided to stalk up on bread and flour. The entire bakery section was void of bread. So I decide “Oh hey, I’ll just make bread. It will taste better anyways”. Oh wait, we don’t have any flour. I go to the flour section – NO FLOUR. After offering to buy my friends flour off of her (no such luck since she’s a baker too – this stuff is precious!) we found a package of flour at the weirdest place: Rite Aid.

After my frustrating visit to the store, I really hoped that this bread would turn out better than what I could have just picked up.

Verdict: I never want to buy bread from the store again. I made 24 rolls for 7 adults and a toddler. They were all gone that evening.

This is my brother



#53 Braided Garlic Herb Bread

You probably just looked at the title of this post and said, “What….she doesnt do ‘real’ food”.

Well surprise surprise my dears. This Thanksgiving I decided I’d dip my cold feet into the waters of “real cooking”. Baking is a form of cooking, but its dessert, and sadly you can not live off dessert…or can you…

I’ve always been intimidated by bread, specifically because of the yeast. You have to put it in a special temperature water, you have to wait for it to bloom, yada yada. I feel like cooking shows have given off this impression that making bread is so time consuming and difficult, but its not! It’s not at all!

I may start making my own bread every week. Probably not, but its so delicious and so simple that I really should. The recipe I used called for some spices that I didn’t have, and am not a huge fan of. Yeah, I’m talking about Dill. Not a fan of Mr. Dill. I used fresh thyme from the garden instead. When substituting fresh herbs in place of dried, you have to use more fresh herbs to make up for it.

Now seriously, go and make some bread. Your house/apt/hut will smell amazing.