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Hey lovely foodies! My name is Madeline, nice to meet you.

The kitchen is the place where I want to be, regardless of if I am cooking or someone else is. Although my true passion is for baking, I am working on the idea of “real” food too. You guys, I can actually cook dinner now. #FutureHousewife. When it comes down to it, I’d rather bake some brownies than make dinner, luckily I have a great boyfriend fiance who handles that issue  watches me cook dinner every night now ;).

I’m also very attached to showing people how to care for the environment. I feellike we get caught up in the day to day and forget about the little things that we can do to help leave less of an impact, without hurting our quality of life.

So here is my story. Back in November of 2010, Thursday nights were the only free nights I had available with class and my job, thus – Thursday Night Baking.

I am completely self-taught-learn-as-I-go kinda gal. I do this all because I love it, and I love sharing what I have made with my friends and family.  I don’t hide my mistakes. I’ll take a picture of how awful it is and try and show you how to do the opposite of that. When I first started this Pinterest did not exist so this blog was my way of archiving all of the cool recipes I had been finding via cookbooks or the internet. Now that Pinterest is around and giving me massive carpal tunnel syndrome, I can archive a lot of recipes – but I still love sharing my experiences because when does a Pinterest project ever turn out the way it looks in the photo?

Want a little bit more? I currently live in Miami, FL after living almost exclusively in the Los Angeles area for my entire life (minus a stint in the Bay Area as a wee-one). I live with my fiance, WB, and our almost-human dog, Butchie.10928191_10152726737908759_6101723803491482194_n

If you ever have a question/comment/love-note/etc. feel free to email me at: thursdaynightbakingblog(at)gmail(dot)com.
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  1. Renee McKnight says:


    Just had one of your delish peanut butter cupcakes that your wonderful boyfriend, Wade, brought to work with him and I told him I have two words to tell you – “YUM – MYYYY!!” (Well, I made that into two words because its cute, and it fits!) Anyway, I’m a cupcake junkie and whenever I can find one that doesnt have globs of frosting and also look uniquely pretty/tasty, I give it a try. Yours definitely hit the spot and I’m not a person that likes fillings in anything and I liked the peanut butter! Thanks for sending in your goodies and I’m a fan of your cupcakes. Your blog is very interesting too!!

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