Donut Sugar Cookies

Well, hello there!

Since the last time we were both here I have done a few things. Since it has been over a year I’ll just give the highlights….I got my degree in Geography/Environmental Science from UCLA, got engaged to my amazing boyfriend WB, moved from Los Angeles to Miami for WB’s new job, and will soon be Mrs. WB (51 days…woah). Just one of those things in a year would be plenty, but 2014 decided to be a bigger year then I had expected!


Now that life is completely different then back in 2012 when this blog started, my priorities have shifted back and forth. Don’t worry – there was LOTS of baking that happened this past year…I just either A. Ate it too fast to document or B. Our friends ate it too fast to document.

One of the big changes in the past few months has been that I am now in charge of cooking dinner. In the past, it was an unspoken rule that WB did the cooking and I did the baking. Those days are long gone – but for better! I am getting a lot better a cooking non-sugar enhanced food and it has been really fun! So don’t be surprised if a post pops up without sugar listed in the ingredients!

So here I am, dipping my feet back in the water to see how it goes. What better way to ease back into it then with the almighty decorated sugar cookie…that looks like a donut! Yes.


I started with my favorite sugar cookie dough recipe from Annie’s Eats. I think the key is the almond extract – gets me every time.


We just got these awesome new rolling pin guideline things from Crate & Barrel (wedding registry for the win!) and the most adorable rolling pin from my sugar-supporter Libby. The rolling pin rings come in different increments and will help you roll out your dough to the exact thickness the recipe says. Because honestly who can get their dough to a 1/4″ even thickness. Not me.

IMG_5975_e It says HELLO THERE! Too cute, too cute.

IMG_5977_eTo get the basic donut circle shape, I used a 3″ biscuit cutter


Then I searched around the kitchen and found a cap that was about an inch in diameter to make the donut hole.

IMG_5989_eSomehow I magically got exactly 24 donut cookies – beautiful.

IMG_6017_e1For the icing, I use meringue powder instead of egg whites. I find that it is much easier, and yields a better product. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the raw egg element. For this icing, I added a drop of pink food coloring to get a light tint of color. For the design, I start with making an outline with the icing, and then I let it sit for a few minutes to harden up. Then I thin out the remaining icing, put it in a squeeze bottle and fill in the design. Give plenty of time for that to dry before even thinking about stacking these guys on top of each other.



Hello from Butchie!


Until next time!