Pac-Man Sugar Cookies

Who doesn’t love Pac-Man? Honestly. If you tried to convince me that you don’t like Pac-Man right now, you would just be lying to yourself. It is the ultimate mindless and addictive videogame and I’m now wondering why there isn’t an iPhone app for it…or is there?

I’ve been dreaming about making these cookies for weeks and I was 5 seconds away from clicking “Add to Cart” on Amazon for the pack of Pac-Man cookie cutters. Then I realized I was about to pay $25 for 3 identical colored ghost cookie cutters and a Pac-Man. Why did I need 3 of the same cookie cutter? That’s just redundent and a waste of my precious money that could be going towards more chocolate.

So what does this crazy sugar fiend decide to do? Whip out the markers and scissors!

The Pac-Man was simple – a circle cookie cutter and the point of a heart cookie cutter. Boom, done.

The ghost? Not so much. I got out the markers and drew a Pac-Man ghost shape onto a thick piece of plastic (the lid of an oatmeal container), cut it out, then used it as a stencil for cutting out the ghosts. I know, I may be crazy.

After finally finishing cutting/baking/decorating these cookies I had a little trouble letting go of them. As much as I wanted to keep these forever, or yell at people to enjoy them because I put so much time into them, I didnt.

The best part of baking for me is sharing it with my family, friends and co workers. I love making other people smile with desserts, it makes my days & weeks 5 million times better.

You are never too old to play with your food. Ever.

Oh no!! Pac-Man eats Stormtrooper!

On another note, today was a really great day at work. Have I told you I work on the beach, teaching really excited children about the ocean. Seriously…that’s my job. The most rewarding job you could ever have. So I will leave you guys with this picture of me and my co worker this morning. When your job doesn’t feel like a job, you’re doing something right.

Recipe Here.




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