#18 Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Cream Cheese Frosting

UPDATE: I have made this twice now and it is still the most requested cupcake of my friends. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend making. You’ll be very glad after you’re done 🙂

Happy Late St. Patricks Day! I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for a while but felt I should wait until St. Patty’s Day to test it out.

I ended up making these Friday morning and let me say that opening up a beer at 10am just isn’t appealing, on any level. Felt like the morning after a party, but I got past it.

Guinness and Irish Butter

I’ve always been intimidated by cupcakes that had filling in the center. It just seemed like a lot of work and cutting out the center didnt look so simple either, but I was wrong. It was easy and kinda fun too because when you cut a cone out of the cupcake you have to cut a little piece off so that it fits back in with the ganache, so you get to eat a bunch of little pieces of cake along the way :).

Use a pairing knife and cut a cone in the center of the cupcake

Pipe some ganache into the center and then put the cone you cut off back on top!

Ta-da! No one will know that you cut it open once you put the frosting on.

Don't forget some green sprinkles. After all, it is St. Patrick's Day


Highly suggest making these, any time of the year 🙂


For the cupcakes and the ganache, I used this recipe CLICK HERE

But for the frosting I used THIS recipe…CLICK HERE.

I chose a different frosting because I thought the cream cheese frosting version would go really well with this cupcake. If you would like the straight buttercream I’m sure it’s fabulous. Annie from Annie’s Eats is quite impressive and would not put a bad recipe up.



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