#16 Chocolate Macaroons with Espresso Ganache

Dipped in ganache

The story for this recipe is a little different than the other ones. Back in December, we had a little holiday office party where we did a Secret Santa gift exchange. I promised my co-worker, Debby, that I would make her one batch of whatever she wanted, just to tell me when!

In passing earlier in the week, she mentions that she wants macaroons and I instantly say okay I’ll make it this Thursday. It gets to Thursday afternoon and I realize I really need to look up a good recipe to make these. Being half jewish and the only macaroon I ever really knew about was the JEWISH ones that my grandfather use to eat that everyone else hated. I couldn’t figure out why on earth anyone would request these to be made.

While I’m looking up recipes, I keep seeing these little sandwich things that they’re calling French Macaroons. Finally, it all clicks. I had to text her to make sure of which one she wanted, but of course she wanted the French ones. Honestly, Id like to know of one person besides my Grandfather who enjoys a Jewish Macaroon.

Little did I know, apparently these macaroons are not so simple to make. Even my sister in law said that she refuses to make them because they are so fussy. Of course, she says this as I’m half way through making them and thinking to myself, oh great.

Out of the oven!

In the end, they tasted great. Well, I though they tasted great. But they didn’t turn out the way a perfect little macaroon sandwich should be. The cookies were super fragile, because I think something did not work out right with my batter. And then my ganache never fully set up so I ended up dipping the cookies in the ganache. I definitely want to try making these again, they were really tasty. I guess I just need to start earlier and pay a little closer attention to it all.

Silpat = my new love.

[Apologies for the lateness. I just started training for my internship at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. I’ll post about that in the next few days when I get around to posting what I make tonight.]

Love you all


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  1. Debby Chen says:

    I’m so glad you were up to the challenge for these French macaroons. I knew they weren’t going to be easy. 🙂 They tasted great, keep up the great work.

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