#15 – Valentine’s Day Special

Sadly, Valentine’s Day has long passed so I can not wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day properly. I hope you all had a nice day with your loved ones or just with some friends. I’ve decided that I’m a fan of the holiday for baking purposes only. Hearts and Lovey-Dovey things in baking are just absolutely adorable, but the holiday itself is a mess.

With my crazy schedule the past few weeks, I didn’t have the brain to think of something uber creative for Valentine’s Day. Especially since after a week of working in Vegas I flew straight to Santa Cruz for my niece’s first birthday and my brother’s birthday. My poor brother will never know what it is like to have a real birthday anymore because his daughter’s birthday is the following day.

Her first cupcake :)!

Hilarious picture. Thats my Brother and my Sister-in-Law and the munchkin, minus the head.

We drove home the day before Valentine’s Day and after taking way too much Dramamine to be sure that I stayed passed out in the backseat on the drive home, I had no energy to make anything that evening. (I’m not complaining. I slept amazingly). Although I got up early the morning of Love Day, primarily because my body was accustomed to waking up at 7:30 all week, and made some classic Red Velvet Cupcakes for the boyfriend before heading to my first day back at school. You heard me. I’m finally back in school. Very weird feeling, but lets not ruin this loving baby filled post with school.

This is what they looked like moments after being finished.

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting. Classic


And this is what they looked like after my drive to UCLA forgetting to put the carrier on the floor.


I went through a wave of emotions, which shows how weird my brain is. I turned around and saw them all turned upside down and smooshed and laughed, hysterically. The light turned green and I continued driving with a dead straight face, no emotions, no feelings. Then I turned onto his street and I cried. It was pathetic really. I blame the exhaustion from the prior week…and a little bit of my weird dessert focused brain.

In attempts to make myself feel better after this tragic incident, I made sugar cookies the following day. This was the best decision ever. Not only are these sugar cookies the best I’ve ever made or had for that matter, they were adorable too and were gone within 2 days I believe. Super addicting. I have Annie from Annie Eats to thank for that recipe. Truly amazing. I’ll never go to any other sugar recipe.

First, I outlined them and let them set.

Then, I took the frosting and watered it down so it was liquidy and poured it into the middle. I used a toothpick to move it into all of the corners, and then let it set.

They turn out beautiful.

I tried using Meringue Powder for my Royal Icing, after reading so many different recipes that used it. I personally like it a lot better than using egg whites, and it saves you the worrying in the back of your mind about using raw eggs. Here is the recipe for the Royal Icing I used.

Lots of pictures this post, I hope you enjoy them.



#14 Tiramisu Cupcakes

Whenever I am out at a restaurant that serves Tiramisu, I have to get it. It’s definitely one of my favorite desserts that I don’t eat very often. A year or two ago I tried making a frozen version of Tiramisu, and that was…interesting. When I was soaking the ladyfingers in rum, I didn’t use a big enough pan so I did it in two batches, of course not realizing that I was using double the amount of alcohol. Lets just say, when I took a bite of the final dessert, it was like taking a shot.

When I made these, I was craving Tiramisu, but I didn’t have the mental capacity to make the real thing so I found Martha Stewarts Tiramisu Cupcake recipe. And if  I actually followed directions, they would have been amazing. But of course, my brain has been mush for the past two weeks, especially now. [I panicked at the airport because I thought I couldn’t find my bag, only to have the TSA guy tell me that it’s on my shoulder and the proceed to sing the Twilight theme song.]

I got everything ready, or so I thought, and then managed to leave out the egg yolks. Not all the eggs! Just the egg yolks…

But, despite my fail, all of them were eaten regardless. I shall be trying these again in the next few weeks, and I will do it right.


Not many pictures, because they weren’t done properly. Promise this will be made again with many pictures. The flavor is there, and I look forward to trying it again.


Be expecting a few more posts either tonight, or in the next few days. I have some making up to do 🙂




My deepest apologies for the past two weeks.

I have been all over the place the past two weeks. Last week I was at work every day prepping for our big conference, DICE Summit, in Las Vegas. I’m currently still in Vegas, I’ve been here since last Saturday, and have lots to share with you guys.

Be prepared for:

– Slightly failed Tiramisu Cupcakes (all were eaten regardless)

– Detailed meeting/my day with the Executive Pastry Chef, Jaret Blinn from Red Rock Resort and Casino.

– Video of me on G4 as an awards girl for Indie Game Challenge.

Great week. Great. Week. I feel so inspired and excited for whats next.

Heads up, I’m starting classes again (finally) on Monday. Not that this means anything, I’ll still be baking. Couldn’t stop it even if I tried 🙂

Love you all. Thanks for supporting me and what I love to do.