#7- Chocolate Mocha Toffee Cupcakes

Finally! I’m done with this semester! No more physics! ­čÖé

Sadly, this weeks recipe was about as awful as my physics class this semester – and thats pretty awful. The idea was really great! I love chocolate and coffee and especially toffee so┬átheoretically┬áthis should be amazing! But really, this recipe just was terrible.

The main problem is that it called for butter flavored shortening, which I should have known was a red flag to begin with. So the cupcake itself tasted kind of like popcorn butter with hints of chocolate and coffee, topped off with a buttercream frosting which is butter-based as well.

I blame it on the fact that I was busy with finals this week so I didnt have a proper amount of time to find a good recipe Although, newly ENGAGED Libby requested her damn cookie brownies about a thousand times! (Love you none the less.)

I shall post pictures anyways, because they look yummy. To be fair, they’re not so awful that you’ll die if you eat one….they’re just…buttery. But hey, some people like that, all power to you!

Isn't she a good helper?

But! Since I am now on a two and a half month break from school(**big grin**), there will be more to come and possibly more frequently.

My lovely friend Danielle and my boyfriend Stephen stopped by to socialize and help a little. Danielle is a really great┬áchocolate┬ábar chopper ­čÖé

Enjoy the pictures.


Next week there will be a full house! Both brothers are coming home and the sister in law AND my baby┬ániece! Expect a lot in the next few days ­čÖé Tis the holiday season after all!

Sorry for this week, I’m just as sad as you. ­čÖü



  1. Yael says:

    i’m glad these taste bad
    because if they tasted good, i’d have to be angry that i’m too sick to come eat one
    and believe me, i’m craving cupcakes.

    but they look beautiful

  2. Debby Chen says:

    Maddy – you’re crazy, these are delish! I just finished devouring one about a minute ago. The toffee in the cupcake was the perfect touch.

  3. Danielle says:

    Madz they really weren’t as bad as we thought they were when we first tried them. I promise the butter taste wasn’t THAT prominent ha.

    Oh, and it really wasn’t my fault. Unless my presence just creates bad baked goods haha

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